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lundman's entries:

WISH: Progress, ETA counter?
      Simple ETA string added.

WISH: Options needs "Random path: /dev/random"
WISH: Options needs "SSL Ciphers: "
WISH: Options needs "SSL only, optional.(to engine)"

WISH: Better icons.

BUG:  RichEdit font Zooms.

FEAT: When spawning, it should search for executable in a list of common paths

BUG:  QGRAB/QGET might not set Droplist to correct site (QGRAB does, QGET doesn't).

BUG:  SelectSearch should put cursor between "**" ready to type.

FEAT: add RAW engine
FEAT: add RAW ftp

WISH: ".." dir, optional
      Partially done, but is currently sorted, when it should be fixed at top.

WISH: Dirlist column order being user specified?

WISH: Add "optional spawn port" to gui?

BUG:  Compare is grossly inefficient
      Searches for fids in arrayctrl.. maybe sort it by fid, or something.

WISH: Color, or italics, the first item in queue after getting XFRACT

BUG:  Site command, ctrl-enter should send it.

BUG:  Option to set date formatting.

BUG:  When double-entering a dir (or, dir dont exist, etc errors) the error message is
      sent to left side only.
BUG:  If you cancel Rename, it still refreshes dirlisting.

WISH: For those that always connect to same engine, have auto-connect

WISH: Change App Title name as we download, so it changes for
      minimized view.

WISH: Minimize to iconbar?

WISH: Window like dirlist, dir-first sort.

BUG:  When sites are disconnected (timeout) it does not free the queue.

BUG:  If a site has startdir set, then this path is sent after QGRAB as
      well, instead of staying where we were/left-off

FEAT: Taskbar has no indication of progress, or even if its busy or not.

WISH: Spawn another session on a queue would be a neat feature.

BUG:  Empty startdir in local sites appear to core on queue completion (refreshing dir)

BUG:  GRAB a queue, then GRAB another and they appear appended in queuelist. Needs to clear queue

FEAT: Add "user notes" with sites, so one could store short notes about each site.