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Tokyo 東京

It seems that when I upgraded the wiki version the Template and all pages based on it, now look terrible.

This is an attempt to collect and share places and things to do around Tokyo if you have children. Not strict, nor limited to Tokyo. We can not guarantee any information in here is correct, please always double check to avoid your children getting disappointed. I have made it publically available for now, until it gets abused.

The idea is, eventually, others (you) will start to add more and more places, and it will become the ultimate place for information.

<googlemap lat="35.681283" lon="139.745407" zoom="6" type="map"> 35.680708,139.699970,Little One's Cafe 35.665595,139.696763,NHK Studio Park NHKスタジオパーク 35.661646,139.703565,MET Childrens Hall 東京都児童会館 35.599296,139.612552, Shimashimatown しましまタウン 35.661803,139.707813, Childrens Castle 子どもの城 35.667791,139.761243, Hakuhinkan Toy Park 博品館 35.671992,139.694799, Yoyogi Koen 代々木公園 35.663503,139.701054, TEPCO Electric Centre/Denryokukan 電力館 35.686939,139.689853, Chuo Koen 新宿中央公園 35.703581,139.754677, Toys Kingdom おもちゃ王国 35.704417,139.753143, Tokyo Dome City 東京ドームシティ 35.677823,139.691656, Luna Luna ルナルナ 35.672324,139.705753, Harajuku Library 原宿図書館 35.671487,139.703865, 100yen shop 35.673012,139.707770, Bornelund Børnelund 35.630791,139.519404, Yomiuriland 35.624652,139.429593, Sanrio Puroland サンリオピューロランド 35.626117,139.884796, Tokyo Disney Sea 35.632465,139.881535, Tokyo Disneyland 35.642406,139.682386, Setagaya Koen 世田谷公園 35.715568,139.794792, HanaYashiki amusement park 35.716657,139.772701, Ueno Zoo 35.744910,139.645329, Toshimaen 35.744910,139,645329, ((Kamishakuji Koen)) 35.696236,139.570559, Ghibli Museum 35.603658,139.367752, Akachan Honpo 35.544938,139.573778, Yu Kids Island 35.682119,139.706097, Yoyogi Shien Centre - playroom 35.668645,139.686881, Tomigaya playroom 35.686102,139.687128, Nishishinjuku playroom 35.669770,139.718649, Ai-port playroom あい ぽーと サポートハウス 35.675845,139.680669, Shibuya Sports Centre 渋谷区スポーツセンター 35.691749,139.699777, Odakyu Department Store play area 35.668035,139.706075, Two Skip English Kids Store 35.667669,139.706633, Kiddy Land キデイランド 35.459246,139.629128, Bjornelund Kid-o-Kid playroom 35.456265,139.636488, Cosmoworld 35.671748,139.690948, Feral Park 35.659005,139.701751, Top of Shibuya station 35.652310,139.734120, Fun House 35.607539,139.670359, Baby Oasis ベイビーオアシス 35.694990,139.760599, Transportation Museum 交通博物館 35.665211,139.710013, Crayon House 35.663459,139.873488, Subway Museum 地下鉄博物館 35.560850,139.487422, Children's Land 子どもの国 35.588452,139.7375, Shinagawa Aquarium しながわ水族館 35.750291,139.739013, Asukayama Park 飛鳥山公園 35.682198,139.990851, IKEA イケア </googlemap>

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The Journey category we use:

local:    Walking distance, or if you are in the area. Probably not worth traveling for.
          You may spend up to an hour here.
short:    Worth a short journey, like a few stations, or under 15 minutes. 
          You can probably spend one or two hours there.
half-day: Worth going to as own outing. You can spend more than a few hours, 
          up to half a day.
full-day: This event could be anything from half-day to full-day entertainment.

Shibuya-ku 渋谷区

Shinjuku-ku 新宿区

Minato-ku 港区

Chuo-ku 中央区

Bunkyo-ku 文京区

Nerima-ku 練馬区

Taito-ku 台東区

Setagaya-ku 世田谷区

Meguro-ku 目黒区

Chiyoda-ku 千代田区

Edogawa-ku 江戸川区

Shinagawa-ku 品川区 

Kita-ku 北区 

Yokohama 横浜市

Kanagawa 神奈川県

Inagi 稲城

Mitaka-shi 三鷹市

Tama-shi 多摩市

Machida 町田市

Chiba-ken 千葉県

Urayasu-shi 浦安市

Other (not sure and info to be completed)