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Inside Tokyo / 東京中

Shibuya / 渋谷

map City / Tousist-area


City of Mega-Tokyo. Younger crowd, 109 is well known for teen-girl shopping.

Tobacco & Salt Museum

map Museum, Shibuya

Museum of Tobacco (art, packets, cultivation) and Salt (historical process of Japan)

NHK Park, Shibuya

map Tourist area

NHK Studios (Japanese TV museum and filming studios), Shibuya-Ax, Muscle Theatre, Circus/Ice-rink (season dependent). Sumo hall. Open-air concert stage, Seasonal food stalls.

Yoyogi Koen (Park) 代々木公園

map Park

Yoyogi Park

Large park in Shibuya, allows for recreational sports like frisbee, balls, badminton, kites etc. Popular for Cherryblossom viewing picnics.
Entrances from Harajuku (South-East), Shibuya (South) and Sangubashi (South-West).

Meiji-jingu (shrine)

map Shrine / Tourist attraction


Large shrine with surrounding wood areas. (No recreational activity allowed) Contains museum, and Iris-garden (pay park)
Entrances from Shinjuku (North), Harajuku (South-East) and Sangubashi (North-West)

Shinjuku 新宿

maps City

Shinjuku Shinjuku

City of Mega-Tokyo. Great for shopping, especially for electronics. Has a (smaller) electric town shopping area, including Yodabashi,
Dos-para, sofmap and Bic-Camera (Halc). Red-light district at night. Movie/Cinema theatres (Wald-9, Picadilly).
Viewing floor (~50F) in the Tokyo Metropolitan buildings.

Shinjuku chuo koen (central park) / 新宿中央公園

map Park, Play-area

Large children's play area. Large slide, climbing construction and play fortress. Summer has small paddle pools.

Shinjuku Gyoen (park)

map Pay-park

Large sculptured pay park, wooden areas, Japanese tea house and rose gardens. Also contains botanical house. Famous cherry-blossom viewing picnics.

Nikoniko park /明治神宮外苑 にこにこパーク

map Play area, Ice-rink, Sports arena

Ice-rink, kids play park, baseball area, sports area, fireworks (August)
Large children's pay-park, multiple slides and play fortress. Picnic areas and adventure challenges

Tokyo Dome

map Amusement Park

Suidobashi Suidobashi

Baseball arena, amusement park with roller coasters and rides. Magi-quest and Toy's Kingdom.

Ueno Zoo & Museums

map Tourist area, Zoo, Museums

Ueno Ueno Ueno

Tokyo's largest Zoo with mono-rail. Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum for Western Art, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the National Science Museum.

Imperial Palace / 皇居

map Tourist area, Palace

Imperial Palace Imperial Palace

Japanese "Castle" with nice grounds, historical buildings.

Odaiba & Palette Town

map Shopping Malls, Amusement Area

Odaiba Odaiba Odaiba Odaiba

Large shopping-mall (3 department stores inter-connected) with multiple restaurants. Beach-front (recreational, but entering water is prohibited). 
Statue of Liberty. 
Palette town has large ferris-wheel, large coin arcade (games and claw machines). 
Toyota car exhibit hall, Megaweb.
Fuji TV HQ building can be entered with view?
Walk Rainbow bridge.
Sega Joypolis Games Arcade
Movie / Cinema theatres.  

Outside Tokyo / 東京遅

Hakone 箱根

map Nature/Tourism-area, Onsen baths 90mins from Shinjuku, Odakyu line (Romance Car)


Onsen resort area with switch-back train, cable-car, gondola and boat across the lake. Japanese style Ryokans (inn/hotel) a plenty. Great for 1 day, and over-night stay. 
Odakyu sell 2-day pass tickets that cover all transportation. Some hiking and nature-trails.

Izu 伊豆

map Nature/Tourism-area, Beaches 90mins from Tokyo Stn (JR Lines, Odoriko Superview) Shimoda-city

Izu Izu

Beaches, surfing, swimming (during summer months. Beaches are 'closed' in Japan off-Summer periods), Onsens, hiking and nature trails.

Tokyo Disneyland

map Amusement Park 90mins from Tokyo/Shinjuku (Maihama, JR lines)

Tokyo Disneyland

Famous amusement park, queuing, roller coasters, waiting in line, and beer.

R-Asia / Hatsushima 初島

map Nature/Tourism-area, Camping, Beach Ferry to island from Natsu-umi/熱海 port (25 mins).

Hatsushima Hatsushima Hatsushima

Hatsushima island (off Izu) has camping, cabins, aquarium, beaches, pool, surfing, diving, boat with underwater-windows.
Hatsushima also has an "adventure challenge course". Zip-line/Flying-fox, tree climbing etc.

Eno-Shima 江ノ島

map Nature/Tourism-area

Beach, Tourism, Temple, Aquarium and Giant Buddha (Kamakura area)

Hakeijima / 八景島

map Marine/Tourism-area, Amusement park 40mins from Yokohama stn (Negishi/Seaside line).

Hakeijima Hakeijima Hakeijima

Large Aquarium, "dolphin entertainment show", Amusement park with roller-coasters.

Toshimaen 豊島園

map 25 mins from Shinjuku (Oedo line) Amusement park / Water slides

Large Amusement park, and in summer, pools with many water-slides. Generally, much less waiting in line. No tattoos allowed in pools.


map Amusement park ~40 mins from Shinjuku, Odakyu-line (bus) / Keio-line (gondola)

Yomiuri Yomiuri

Large Amusement park, roller-coasters, water-slides and pools (Summer).

Showa-kinen park/pools 昭和記念公園

40 mins from Shinjuku (Keio lines, Shonan-Shinjuku express) Nature park, Pools

Large park with bouncy white hills, play fortress, slides and BBQ facilities. In Summer, large pools with water-slides.


map Tunnel (10km) and Bridge (4km) connecting Tokyo and Chiba


map IKEA Funabashi

map IKEA Kohoku

Add Also

Folk Village: 日本民家園
Science museum:
Food/Restaurant town: kappabashi
Electric town: Akihabara
Used-books/Sports/Stamp-collecting town: Jimbocho
Yokohama area / Aquarium
Takao-san mountain area
Nikko area
Roppongi area: movie cinema theatres, mori building exhibits, restaurants, night clubs
Harajuku area: cosplayers, yankie dancers, takeshita dori
Ikebukero area: Sun city 60F view, shopping
Scenic Helicopter rides
Tokyo Skytree
Tokyo Tower
Ghibli Museum
Sanrio Puroland 
Tamatech (closed?)
Tokyo water cruise ship
   Mori no Yuenchi もりのゆうえんち 
   Seibuen Yuenchi 西武園ゆうえんち 
   Tobu Zoo 東武動物公園 
   Museum of Future Science and Technology
Asakusa shopping/shrine
Parasite museum:
	Inokashira Park & Zoo 
Tokyo Sea Life Park