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The most useful starting place for the TeraStation is at TeraStation.org.

You do not need to open the box, or solder, to get your own software onto your Terastation. The easiest is to take the latest firmware, add in sshd, and then upgrade to that firmware.

If you want to fetch many useful pre-compiled binaries for your Terastation, you can get many from Ring Mirror FTP. Since the Terastation does not come with rpm, I have found the easiest is to use:

% mkdir tmp
% cd tmp
% rpm2cpio ../downloaded-binary.rpm | cpio -idv
% tar -zcpf ../binary.tgz .

Then just untaring the binary.tgz on your Terastation.

In addition, I have done my own compiles for it.

  • llink
  • lundftpd


llink is my own Media Server Daemon, simiar to PCcast and wizzd. It is a bit more lightweight, certainly no way near as full of eye candy as the alternatives. It is unlikely anyone else would want to run it as I have yet to find someone to do a skin for it. llink currently comes with my very sparse default skin.

Download: llink build 258


LundFTPD compiled for the TeraStation. When I tested it against the FTPD that comes with the TeraStation, I got the following stats for sending files to it:

TS Proftpd      lundftpd         lundftpd+SSL
 4166KB/s       4999KB/s          3682KB/s
Download: LundFTPD 3.06

But your results may vary. Again, there is perhaps no direct advantage for others to change to a different FTPD. Unless you want SSL, CCSN, SSCN, dupe, XDUPE etc. Please find more details at LundFTPD Home and Lundman's Forums. Eventually, I will move all the information into this wiki LundFTPD.

The package comes with a pre-created admin user:

username: admin
password: admin

Please use this login to administer your LundFTPD. Or, alternatively, you can use the command line executable itself.