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Help needed


I don't know where I can add a discussion but I was wondering if someone can help me,

I have An IOBOX and I tried to install an internal HDD 1.5T. The operation failed and IOBOX said that NMT doesn't support this HDD yet.

Although the format failed, I successfully connected with telnet, formatted the partitions, unzipped the NMT software to the correct partition. I also managed to load the init_nmt script and restart gaya and now the NMT works.

The problem is that NMT doesn't start if I restart the IOBOX.

I think that the issue is related to the fact that my /dev/hda1 is mounted to /HARD_DISK_A1 and /dev/hda3 is mounted to /HARD_DISK_A3 although the correct mount is /nmt and /HARD_DISK and something with the /share.

I thought of changing the init scripts but I failed to do so (since the scripts are not saved).

can you help?

thanks, Gil