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The Way Of The Hubba


So back in the innocent year of 1994 (the exact date has been lost in time) in the tropical beaches of Waikanae, contained within the four walls of Keith-Bach, we worked soberlessly on the game, TWOTH. Fresh out of University, full of eagerness, and endless episodes of Simpsons, all came together to make the last Amiga 1200 game (... that we worked on).

Clearly a rip-off, and (intended as) a homage to International Karate Plus on the C64, we took the unexpected, nay BOLD, step to.. add another player to a well known classic. This revolutionary move several years late, was the least inspired move of our careers.

The work of Mike, Jorgen, Marcus and those others who suffered, was fortunately lost in the digital history. But thanks to Tom-Cat (now in prison) the last copy of the great work, including source, was again released on the world like a great plague.

If you have an Amiga 1200 emulator, feel free to try out the booting ADF image. You need to modify the source to add more players.

If you were to check out the sources, make changes or make it less crap, we would welcome to hear from you!

Tom-Cat added the following readme, which appears to be instructions given to me. But like most hangovers, I don't remember saying any of this.



The Way of the Hubba - the missing sequal to IK+ ? :-)

The game is almost all there - all the graphics (but only one background
for fighting), great sound tracks, fighting works completely, etc.

I got it from one of the authors, who also let me have the sources in case
I (or someone else) wants to make it more playable. Anyway the game works
fine on my A1200 (accelerated or stock) and in the latest WinUAE !! It is
AGA only !!!

Missing stuff to be more "playable" :

(I think these are a *must* before release):

- When you lose (you are last in the ranking) the game should END
  (now it just plays with computer players only)
- When you defeat all oponnents the game should start with all 4 players
  again - possibly with better oponnent IQ (there was supposed to be
  a bonus game as in IK+ , but was not done)

(less important):
- Save highscores ? (WHDLoad only ???)

I think these can be done on the ADF version which I got from the author.

The sources that I have are somewhat newer than the version that is on ADF.

I managed to compile it in TrashEm'One, altough after running it in
assembler, it works fine (with all 4 computer players) it does not have a
background!  Also this version seems to have only one added feature: BLOOD !
Yes, it is very bloody - not sure it is really a good thing, but it is
the latest.

In the sources there is also installation instructions on how to put the
game on the disk - the procedure did not work for me fully, I don't know why,
but after the floppy starts the screen fades to black and soon after that it

Anyway, what I am including is this :

ADF version that the guy had done a few weeks before he stopped working on it.
FULL sources with TrashEm'one install as he had it on the amiga ! It is put
into several parts, which must be assigned properly... i am not sure if they
need to be on the same partition, but if any1 needs this info here it is :
On his machine these existed :


(there are two ZIP files with these directories included in this mail !)

There were also these assigns (without these I couldnt compile the sources):

assign asmoneincludes: dh0:asmone/asmoneincludes

To compile the DH0:AsmOne/AsmOne was used (it is actually Trash'EmOne though).

The AsmOne directory has TWOTH directory which has some essential files,
other files (together with main .S files) are in TWOTH_AGA directory !

If you compile twothW.s in the TWOTH_AGA directory (with the proper assigns
done before) you can start it and see the game working (without background).
Follow the instructions provided (instalation file) to put it on floppy -
if you succeed !

I think this might have been a great game if completed, but it is still A LOT
of fun to play. I wasn't able to get it to work in 2 (or more) human player
mode, but the code is there for it somewhere :) Also the highscore table works
(but not saves). It reminds me more of IK games on C64 than IK+ on amiga
actually, which is not a bad thing ;-) and there are even some key combos too !
And they actually work :)

OK, I will let these stay here for a while, I will try some more stuff
myself - maybe I can get it to work from the latest source or even fix
those things, but I don't think I am good enough -> thats why I sent it here...
it would be a real shame if we couldn't do anything about it. If noone can
fix these things then I will just release the lot to the world... but first
the professionals get their hands on it !

Best regards,


File:TWOTH Twoth Sources and Build environment Twoth ADF Floppy Image