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The site structure. Protocol version 0.1 defines 23 entries for a site, plus any number of client defined key/pairs. The latter are not parsed by FXP.One, but stored for the ease of the client programmers. The clients can then chose to be completely stateless and only store information needed in FXP.One.

Please be aware that SITELIST, SITEADD and SITEMOD commands will only show (set) values that are NOT the default value. That means, if a site has "passive" set to "AUTO" it will not be included in the SITELIST reply. It is the responsibility of the client to also initialise the "passive" variable to "AUTO".

The site structure is defined as:

       char          *name;
       char          *host;
       unsigned int   port;          // Default: 21
       unsigned long  iface;
       unsigned int   iport;         // Default: 0
       char          *user;
       char          *pass;
       yesnoauto_t    passive;       // Default: AUTO
       yesnoauto_t    fxp_passive;   // Default: AUTO
       yesnoauto_t    control_TLS;   // Default: AUTO
       yesnoauto_t    data_TLS;      // Default: AUTO
       yesnoauto_t    desired_type;  // Default: AUTO
       yesnoauto_t    resume;        // Default: AUTO
       yesnoauto_t    resume_last;   // Default: AUTO
       yesnoauto_t    pret;          // Default: AUTO
       char          *fskiplist;
       char          *dskiplist;
       char          *fpasslist;
       char          *dpasslist;
       char          *fmovefirst;
       char          *dmovefirst;
       yesnoauto_t    fskipempty;    // Default: AUTO
       yesnoauto_t    dskipempty;    // Default: AUTO