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My Gallery

Lokien's Gallery

Ushka's Gallery

Buying a house in Tokyo

Registering for Minpaku and AirBnB in Shibuya, Tokyo

Proposed 2008 2008_Holiday

Proposed 2011 2011_Holiday

Proposed 2014 2014_Holiday

Mum asked me to write down my experiences with having a child, so I did that, and for some reason carried on doing it even after she could no longer read them.

birth giving birth in Tokyo as a foreigner.

year one first year of child rearing

year two second year

year three third year, toilet training.

birth two detailing the birth of the second child

year four first turns 4, second turns 7 months. Eye operation.

year six first goes to school at 6, and second is 3.

Back in 1998 or so, I got quite sick, probably both from an ulcer and my gallbladder stones. I wrote a story about that, which I will move in here.

gall stones

OsX thoughts on Mac