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The Synology NAS can host the llink server. It has been reported successfully installed on a CS-406, firmware 518 and 590. The CS-406 has a PPC-based cpu which indicates that all Synology DS and RS NAS in the x06-series should be able to run the compiled binary below.

If you use a Synology NAS from the x07-series there is a toolchain available for compiling source at Synology.com


Latest binary
This contains a startup script, a Synology installation guide and a prepared llink.conf that points to the Synology default /volume1/video share. Place this binary in the /volume1 directory, untar and open the "README-synology.txt" file with a text editor for further assistance.

llink-2.0.6-syno_x06.tar.gz build 750 (Fri May 16 16:17:45 2008), added 2008-05-17
llink-2.0.6-syno_x07.tar.gz build 750 (Fri May 21 16:17:40 2008), added 2008-05-21

Older binaries

llink-2.0.4-syno_x06.tar.gz build 709 (Mon Apr 21 10:06:04 2008), added 2008-04-24  
llink-2.0.3-syno_x06.tar.gz build 709 added 2008-04-21

Once you've installed the binary you have to update the llink.conf file so it points to your media files, uses the right port etc.

Installation pre-requisites

Telnet/SSH-patch installed on the NAS.

If you want to autostart llink from boot, you can use this script.
Otherwise you must enter via telnet and start manually after shutdown or restart.


  • Compile binary for x07-series (Marvell based chip)

Additional resources and references

NSLU2-Linux.org [1]
flipflip's Diskstation site [2]
Synology's official forum [3]