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(llink verbose output options)
(llink verbose output options)
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2048 external script messages
2048 external script messages
4096 UPnP messages
4096 UPnP messages
        8191    Absolutely everything, currently (All levels added together)

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Here are the llink commands when run from shell.


Note that using the scraper requires llink to stay in foreground and llink.conf to be configured first if re-direct path is used. See the user guide for more details.

/llink - Media server engine.
./llink [-hd] [-f file] [...]

  -h          : display usage help (this output)
  -d          : stay in foreground, do not detach
  -v <int>    : enable verbose debug information
  -f <file>   : set configuration file to read (default: llink.conf
  -w <path>   : Change to directory after starting
  -x          : Scan ROOTs for media to generate XML files for jukebox skin
  -X          : Same as -x, but XML files are saved in redirect path
  -s          : Syabas subtitle bug that sends filename.sub$garbage
  -L          : disable LinkTheater fix, don't close keep-alive for errors

llink verbose output options

Usage: ./llink -v <Level>

This is good for debug, troubleshooting or just getting to know how llink works. You can combine any level, for example unrar and libdvdread messages equates to 8+512 = 520, hence: ./llink -v 520

	Level    Debug description
	0        this message
	1        general debug messages
	2        ssdp debug
	4        http requests and header replies
	8        unrar messages
	16       skin messages
	32       root messages
	60       "medium verbose" messages
	64       extnfo messages
	128      xmlscan messages
	255      "very verbose" messages (combination of the above)
	256      query messages (replies to SSDP)
	512      libdvdread messages
	1024     visited db messages
	2048	 external script messages
	4096	 UPnP messages
        8191     Absolutely everything, currently (All levels added together)


undvd makes it possible to play BD and DVD file structures ISO/IMG/video_ts etc. even straight from RAR archive files without unpacking.

Start with ./undvd <command parameter> [options] <path to archive> [filename]

./undvd - an 'unrar' clone for DVD/ISO/IMG/VIDEO_TS images. DVD and Bluray
./undvd cmd [options] archive [filename]

  v/l: list contents of archive
    p: send contents of filename in archive to stdout
    x: extract contents of filename in archive
     -sk <n>  : seek to offset byte-count. Eg -sk100 to start from byte 100
     -R <file>: filename inside RAR-archive. -R filename.iso
     -X <cmd> : Set direct path to unrar
     -A <0,1> : Audio stream solution
All other options are currently silently ignored

./undvd p -sk 1234 filename.iso video.avi
./undvd p -R filename.iso -sk 1234 filename.rar video.avi

  Audio stream solution:
   0 - no nothing, send full stream (VLC etc can handle multiple audio)
   1 - patch first block only (PCH/NMT plays first stream encountered)
If you want RAR streaming to have a chance of working, you need to get the
special unrar with seek patched (option -sk)


llink uses a special unrar version with additional seek function, with kind permission from the original unrar author. Unrar can be used for it's normal operation aswell.

$ ./unrar -h

UNRAR 3.71 beta 1 freeware      Copyright (c) 1993-2007 Alexander Roshal

Usage:     unrar <command> -<switch 1> -<switch N> <archive> <files...>
               <@listfiles...> <path_to_extract\>

  e             Extract files to current directory
  l[t,b]        List archive [technical, bare]
  p             Print file to stdout
  t             Test archive files
  v[t,b]        Verbosely list archive [technical,bare]
  x             Extract files with full path

  -             Stop switches scanning
  ad            Append archive name to destination path
  ap<path>      Set path inside archive
  av-           Disable authenticity verification check
  c-            Disable comments show
  cfg-          Disable read configuration
  cl            Convert names to lower case
  cu            Convert names to upper case
  dh            Open shared files
  ep            Exclude paths from names
  ep3           Expand paths to full including the drive letter
  f             Freshen files
  id[c,d,p,q]   Disable messages
  ierr          Send all messages to stderr
  inul          Disable all messages
  kb            Keep broken extracted files
  n<file>       Include only specified file
  n@            Read file names to include from stdin
  n@<list>      Include files in specified list file
  o+            Overwrite existing files
  o-            Do not overwrite existing files
  or            Rename files automatically
  ow            Save or restore file owner and group
  p[password]   Set password
  p-            Do not query password
  r             Recurse subdirectories
  sl<size>      Process files with size less than specified
  sm<size>      Process files with size more than specified
  sk<size>      Seek to byte offset size (-m0 archives only)
  ta<date>      Process files modified after <date> in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format
  tb<date>      Process files modified before <date> in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format
  tn<time>      Process files newer than <time>
  to<time>      Process files older than <time>
  ts<m,c,a>[N]  Save or restore file time (modification, creation, access)
  u             Update files
  v             List all volumes
  ver[n]        File version control
  vp            Pause before each volume
  x<file>       Exclude specified file
  x@            Read file names to exclude from stdin
  x@<list>      Exclude files in specified list file
  y             Assume Yes on all queries