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llink is a media streamer that let's you play movies, view online trailers, browse images or play music over a network using the http protocol. It should work with most Syabas NMT hardware (NetworkedMediaTank middleware based players), such as the Popcorn Hour A- and B-series, HDX, iSTAR, Egreat a whole range of others, possibly even a couple of older ones like the LinkTheater. Some of the best reasons to run llink is that it can run on a great many platforms, including most popular NAS devices - even on the NMT player itself - and it can play media directly from RAR files.

llink-2.2.0 aqua skin
llink-1.9.9 jukebox skin
llink-2.2.0 clterm skin
llink-2.2.0 nmt skin
llink-2.2.0 kamaishi_skies skin

llink overview

  • Parses various video containers: vob, avi, ts, mkv, tp, mov, m2ts, evo.
  • Streams any file type the NMT player can handle: mp3, flac, jpeg, png etc.
  • Can play straight from rar files: no more need to unrar your media. (Comes with special unrar-3.7.8-seek.)
  • SSDP / UPnP discovery support (although minimal).
  • Skin support: make your own html templates or choose from pre-built.
  • Simple iMDb querying to look up media information for Jukebox skins.
  • Both HD and SD skins available.
  • Light, tiny and clean code for Unix, OsX and Windows.
  • Paginating: support to send listings in pages, with tags for Next/Prev.
  • PlayAll cgi tag, and PlayAllFrom.
  • External subtitles: subtitle files can be consolidated in one directory.
  • libdvdnav support (and libdvdcss): provides basic playback of DVD .iso and .img files and from DVD drives.
  • UDF 2.50 BD5-ISO support: provides basic playback of Bluray and HD-DVD.
  • (External process support, like mencoder: incomplete).



In no particular order:

  • Add goto percentage bookmark which may be what WizD uses Appears to only work for MPEG.
  • Add a transparent FTP fs layer? this would be well nice if it worked with RAR.
  • Convert other playlist (.m3u .pls) formats to Syabas playlist. - Syabas already added support.
  • Scraping/parsing of .NFO files (for media info).
  • mms:// protocol support (libmms looks ok, but has own select() call, needs deeper inspection).
  • Scrape/look for subtitles (ex. http://www.subtitlesource.org/title/tt0325710/).
  • Proposed menus. Partly working since v2.2.0
  • Configuration via web page.
  • Avalaunch style backgrounds. (Ex. fetch picture from NASA every 30s and refresh) for mp3/playlists.
  • Already watched DB. Stage 1: in memory, Stage 2: bdb on disk. How do we visually represent it?
  • Playing mp3s, and photos from RAR files don't appear to work.
  • When playing music, allow to specify pictures to view.
  • Add ROOT that is just a A HREF link somewhere (to support integration of YAMJ and other jukeboxes).
  • Explore what more power we get from libdvdnav: choose audio tracks etc.
  • Support ANT's Movie Database .xml files.
    • Difficult. ANT did weird things like put entire DB in one giant XML, with no references to the disk path.
  • Remote skin support, e.g. invoke play from an iPhone or any other web enabled device.
  • Support Unix builds to handle "~/". It is expanded by getpwuid(getuid())->pw_home on ROOT paths.

Additional resources

Feel free to contribute to the wiki documentation:

Download binaries

Note: if you are in luck, devices not listed here may share platform and architecture. Please report your success/failure.

  • Windows 2.2.0 binaries for Windows OS
  • OsX 2.2.0 binaries for Apple Macintosh Os X (Universal).
  • NMT 2.2.0 binaries for the Network Media Tank (Popcornhour A-100 etc.)
  • Linux 2.2.0 binaries for Linux OS, Intel (add more if you can)
  • OpenSolaris 2.2.0 binaries for OpenSolaris (11/08) OS, Intel
  • ReadyNAS 2.2.0 binaries and instructions for Infrant ReadyNAS
  • Synology 2.2.0 binaries and instructions for Synology NAS (ppc and arm)
  • Asus WL-500GL binaries for Asus router running OpenWrt
  • Asus WL-500g Premium binaries for Asus router running Oleg's firmware
  • landisk binaries for IO-Data landisk uhdl-av, cpu-SH4
  • "llink on a stick" let's you run llink from a USB stick or external USB drive (unmaintained)
  • D-Link DNS-323 binaries and instructions for D-Link NAS
  • Bubba server 2.2.0 Linux compile instructions (no binaries)
  • AzBox HD 2.2.0 plugin binaries

(Compilers, you can upload new versions directly in the wiki, see Synology page as example)


Known issues

Although llink is capable of many things, there are limitations that should be known to users. Please read here for details: Llink:Known_issues


The llink changelog contains the basic release notes history.