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Planned: create new libudfread library instead, just for reading UDF. Take the IFO part of dvdread into libifo. Retain compatibility with libdvdnav, and libdvdcss. Also work with libbluray.

I have made some patches to the regular libdvdread library used by many developers. Alas, I have had no luck in getting them accepted into the upstream repository, which has forced me to maintain a second version myself.

Patches include:

* Bring UDF compatibility from base 1.92, to 2.50. This adds Bluray and BD5 ISO format.
* Properly handle UDF chains, instead of assuming they are contiguous, and without gap.
* Move filesizes from 32bit to 64bit.
* Add POSIX style opendir(3), readdir(3) API to add the ability to retrieve contents of ISO files & input-devices.
* Add POSIX style open(3) of non-DVD related files. (Reading playlists, certificates etc)
* Allow API call to set IO handlers. Allowing all IO to libdvdread be developer defined. (Adding RAR support, or FTP perhaps)

Download pre-patched source archive from:

If you wish to patch the original release yourself, the patches are located here:

Patch 1:

Handle AD chains correctly, skip gaps, and give full end blocks

Patch 2:

File sizes from 32 bit to 64 bit. Handle new FileInfoExt.

Patch 3:

Add Directory Content access, reading DVD AACS/ Directory.

Patch 4:

Expose dvd_input handlers as API call.