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As I wrote about the first experience I thought I might as complete it and write one for the birth of our second child, Kajerik. Last time a fair bit of the focus was on child birth as well as a large chunk around the topic of being in Japan. But the Japan part did not differ much, so it is not a very interesting story in that aspect.

I was at work on Thursday the 8th of Feb, having returned from lunch a little earlier. I get a call from Ushka at 15:00, which in itself is unusual enough to tell me something was up. Since ordinarily we just chat on IRC, or send phone messages, and since I was at work, nobody from work would call me. Ushka said her water was broken, but nothing else was going on. She gave a definite "you should come home" this time so there was no decision there. I handed off my current/only important task to Erin (sorry), popped downstairs to take out some cash (see? No panic this time around!) and got in a Taxi.

Unfortunately the driver picked to go through Shibuya, a route I dislike. It may be technically a shorter distance, but it takes longer (and cost more!) than going the Yamate-dori way. I sent an email off to the grand parents, and coordinated things with Ushka. She had already called Emily and the Hoikuen so they were prepared. Ironically, by the time I got home, I could have cycled faster, but oh well.