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lundman's entries:

WISH: Progress, ETA counter?
      Simple ETA string added.

WISH: Options needs "Random path: /dev/random"
WISH: Options needs "SSL Ciphers: "
WISH: Options needs "SSL only, optional.(to engine)"

WISH: Better icons.

BUG:  RichEdit font Zooms.

FEAT: When spawning, it should search for executable in a list of common paths

BUG:  QGRAB/QGET might not set Droplist to correct site (QGRAB does, QGET doesn't).

BUG:  SelectSearch should put cursor between "**" ready to type.

FEAT: add RAW engine
FEAT: add RAW ftp

WISH: ".." dir, optional
      Partially done, but is currently sorted, when it should be fixed at top.

WISH: Dirlist column order being user specified?

WISH: Add "optional spawn port" to gui?

BUG:  Compare is grossly inefficient
      Searches for fids in arrayctrl.. maybe sort it by fid, or something.

WISH: Color, or italics, the first item in queue after getting XFRACT

BUG:  Site command, ctrl-enter should send it.

BUG:  Option to set date formatting.

BUG:  When double-entering a dir (or, dir dont exist, etc errors) the error message is
      sent to left side only.
BUG:  If you cancel Rename, it still refreshes dirlisting.

WISH: For those that always connect to same engine, have auto-connect

WISH: Change App Title name as we download, so it changes for
      minimized view.

WISH: Minimize to iconbar?

WISH: Window like dirlist, dir-first sort.

BUG:  When sites are disconnected (timeout) it does not free the queue.

BUG:  If a site has startdir set, then this path is sent after QGRAB as
      well, instead of staying where we were/left-off

FEAT: Taskbar has no indication of progress, or even if its busy or not.

WISH: Spawn another session on a queue would be a neat feature.

BUG:  Empty startdir in local sites appear to core on queue completion (refreshing dir)

BUG:  GRAB a queue, then GRAB another and they appear appended in queuelist. Needs to clear queue

BUG:  If .sites file is not writable (owner, permissions) the sites are not saved, but all appears to
      be correct from clients POV, until next engine restart that is. An error should be relayed back.

FEAT: Add "user notes" with sites, so one could store short notes about each site.

FEAT: VIEW files, *.nfo etc. This requires work in engine to pass data to clients.

FEAT: Search imdb, take selected dir/file name, and open $browser searching for title.

Fixed in most recent release:

BUG: delete and rename does not work with local sites.