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The most useful starting place for the TeraStation is at [1].

In addition, I have done my own compiles for it.

  • llink
  • lundftpd


llink is my own Media Server Daemon, simiar to PCcast and wizzd. It is a bit more lightweight, certainly no way near as full of eye candy as the alternatives. It is unlikely anyone else would want to run it as I have yet to find someone to do a skin for it. llink currently comes with my very sparse default skin.


LundFTPD compiled for the TeraStation. When I tested it against the FTPD that comes with the TeraStation, I got the following stats for sending files to it:

TS Proftpd      lundftpd         lundftpd+SSL
 4166KB/s       4999KB/s          3682KB/s

But your results may vary. Again, there is perhaps no direct advantage for others to change to a different FTPD. Unless you want SSL, CCSN, SSCN, dupe, XDUPE etc. Please find more details at [2] and [3].