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Recently changed from Window (at home), NetBSD (at work) to using OsX. Both new systems are Mac Pro with OsX.

I'd say that OsX is better than Windows, however, it isn't perfect either. It has tiny things, that would be trivial to fix, which would make it the first OS to not have annoying things.

  • When Moving/Copying a file (say, a new app into /Applications) the directory view/list needs to re-center to show the new entry. Currently, depending on your current view, it might just disappear, and you have to scroll to find it.
  • The "are you sure" requester for overwriting, is in a fixed position, generally far away from where I was doing the drag'n'drop command, which means a lot of mouse moving. They could have it pop up closer to the action.
  • Software Updates, will just pop up at any time and steal your input. I had been writing an email for 10 minutes, and mid-sentence popped up. You can probably change it to other time, but as a default, I believe it should wait until the machine is idle for 2-3 minutes before interrupting.
  • Focus follows Mouse. I want it. It makes using a computer that much faster and efficient. It should not have to be "The Apple way, or the highway". On the topic of focus, why is it I can select text in a Window, and yet it is NOT the focused window? I JUST selected some text by "clicking" in the Window.
  • Networking on a normal box is fine, but I did get into issues wanting to NAT share the home network. Does not remember to share it after reboots etc. Not acceptable.
  • Making boot hdd be mirrored (RAID1). With Solaris, you can add Boot to mirror, reboot to mount it, then add slave and it synchronises. But in Mac, you have to reinstall. That is a shame, even if it is understandable.
  • 10.4.9 update was very very broken. Stopped booting the machine, and took a couple of hours to fix. This I would expect from Windows, but was very sad to find OsX doing it also.
  • Assigning Hot-Keys will only let you assign Apple approved key/combinations. Very annoying. If I want the key left of "1" to be the Kanji key, then I should be allowed to do that. But OsX will only let you assign it with a modifier key. In X11, if I want to re-assign "l" to be "logout", then I can. Stop protecting me from myself OS!
  • Setting background colour, why won't it let you use an RGB slider to set it? That is just bizarre. Instead, if you want a custom colour, create a .jpg of one pixel with it.