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nmt-OsX-intel-toolchain-gcc-4.0.4-linux- The OsX binary toolchain. Intel only probably.

nmt-linux-intel-toolchain-gcc-4.0.4-linux- The Linux binary toolchain.

nmt-cygwin-toolchain-gcc-4.2.2-linux- The Windows cygwin binary toolchain by wizziwig

ntfs-3g-1.2506-nmt ntfs-3g 1.2506. For use with fuse.ko (available in the ldvd package)

cdspeed Executable to change the CD/DVD read speed for NMT

NMT_Community_Software_Installer-1.7.2-OsX.dmg OsX bundled version of CSI.

NMT_Community_Software_Installer-2.0.1-OsX.dmg OsX bundled version of CSI.

NMT_Community_Software_Installer-2.1.5-OsX.dmg OsX bundled version of CSI.