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Currently it is recommended you install NTFS via the CSI installer. So install CSI first, then simply select the ntfs-3g package

I compiled FUSE and NTFS-3G for NMT platform and wrapped it in a shell script that waits for Eject button to be pushed on the remote control. It will then swap between NTFS (read-only) and NTFS-3G (read/write), and back again if you push Eject again.

To manually try it, follow these steps:

cd /tmp   (or /share/Apps for HDDs)
wget http://lundman.net/ftp/nmt/nmt_ntfs3g.tar.gz
tar -zxvf nmt_ntfs3g.tar.gz
cd nmt_ntfs3g
./ntfs_helper &

The mount type should be indicated on the name. Currently it only changes USB_DRIVE_ names to NTFS, if you are using other attached storage in NTFS, please let me know of the names to modify.

User ike260 on NMT forums confirm that this binary also works on AZBOX HD cable STB.