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Installing NMT applications without an internal HDD

emveepee described a way to install NMT apps (torrent, UPnP AV server, FTP server, NFS and SMB server and the MyIHome http media server) on an alternative location, such as a USB device or a network share on a ext3 formatted disk. Note that Syabas has released official firmware support for installing NMT Apps on USB devices (FAT/EXT/NTFS) on the 200-series, so the below is mainly applicable for the 100-series generation.

Steps to create a NMT Apps drive on a USB device instead of internal HDD (Use at your own risk)

1. Create and format an EXT3 partition on a USB hard disk drive or you can just use a pre-formmated vfat USB flash drive 2. Extract the syb8634 folder to the drive from the .nmt gzipped tarball based on lundman's explanation. 3. Eject the USB drive and plug into the NMT device 4. From telnet set up all the links:

# mkdir /mnt/temp
# mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/temp
# ln -s /mnt/temp/syb8634/ /mnt/
# mkdir /opt/sybhttpd/localhost.drives/HARD_DISK
# mount /dev/sda1 /opt/sybhttpd/localhost.drives/HARD_DISK

5. Now initialize the NMT apps

# /etc/init_nmt start

6. And if you want to see NMT apps in gaya

# /opt/sybhttpd/default/setups.cgi

(I can only see them I can't toggle them unless the drive is internal at some time, I am missing something here. see my note below)

In this example I used /dev/sda1 for the share and the apps you can have multiple partitions and even a swap drive on the usb

To shut down:

# umount /opt/sybhttpd/localhost.drives/HARD_DISK/
# /etc/init_nmt stop
# umount /mnt/temp/

This might be useful for other NMT based devices too, like iStarhd, eGreat and other A100/A110 clones.

For some reason on my system if my USB drive is a FAT/FAT32 folder the file /mnt/syb8634/VERSION is always lower case as mnt/syb8634/version so Gaya doesn't find the file and the web UI doesn't work. From an EXT3 USB drive this isn't a problem.

I can get around this if I have to create /mnt/syb8634/ manually instead of simply doing it as a symbolic link:

# cd /mnt
# mkdir syb8634/
# cp temp/syb8634/* .
# mv version VERSION
# ln -s /mnt/temp/syb8634/bin/
# ln -s /mnt/temp/syb8634/etc/
# ln -s /mnt/temp/syb8634/lib/
# ln -s /mnt/temp/syb8634/nfsserver/
# ln -s /mnt/temp/syb8634/server/
# ln -s /mnt/temp/syb8634/web/

With this I can start all the apps from a USB drive and control them from the UI.