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Q: Errr Why is there no gui??

A: GUI to a server software?

Q: How do I add UF_DELETE to one of my users

A: "lundftpd -e" or "SITE setflags"

Q: I can upload but not download, or, I can download .txt files but not others?

A: Usually this is due to fiddling with the quota values in lundftpd.conf, or setting a users quota to 0. Leave the lundftpd.conf setting alone, and set users to -1 if you do not care about quotas.

Q: How do I set it so the users don't have access to the whole disk?

A: You can make the root directory to be somewhere lower (see lundftpd.conf), instead of being the whole thing. The easiest. You can also setup groups, then assign a user to that group, and that he can only see directories belonging to that group.