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Thank's to PoPEye, there is a simple way to use llink from a USB stick or external USB drive inserted in the NMT. You don't need an internal drive to use it. Remember to update the llink.conf file to point to your media sources, available over the network (or on an internal drive). The llink package is just some megabytes in total so you can even use small sticks with 32 MB of space.

The default nmt version now includes the option to run from USB, or /tmp

Information and download: http://wieslander.eu/wiki/index.php?title=Llink

Extract from the README file included in the download package with install instructions:

Unzip all files to the root of your usb stick or drive.

Do a power cycle of your Popcorn Hour A-100 (power, eject) to make sure the inserted drive is named USB_DRIVE_A.
If this is not the case you must manually re-name all instances of USB_DRIVE_A to the name diplayed (i.e. USB_Drive_A1) in the llink.conf, start_llink.html and script_llink_A.cgi file.

To start llink, enter your usb drive from "Media Sources" and run start_llink.html

To browse your files using llink run browse_llink.html from the previous location.

Note: DO NOT detach the USB drive before doing a power down (power, delete - or disconnecting with power cord),

and remember the NFS or SMB connection must be opened from the NMT Media Source menu before starting llink on a stick.

Experimental: If you want to access files on an internal HDD in the NMT, edit the llink.conf file and add the following media ROOT: