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The FXP.One clients

This is a known list of FXP.One clients. If you make a new one, feel free to add it here.



The HTML5 / WebSockets FTP client. This uses the new key1/key2 style WebSockets, which currently is limited to some browsers. The other browsers will update their sockets in due time.

Current Browser support:

Chrome  (v15+)
Seamonkey (2.8+)
Firefox Beta (v11+)

On Android devices you can use: (It is functional, but could use some work)

Chrome (Android 4.0+)
Firefox Beta (Android 2.0+, Firefox v12+)

WFXP ships with FXP.One sources, and installs automatically with FXP.Oned daemon. It is currently the most convenience client to use with FXP.One. Simply connect to the HTTP socket of FXP.One (default is port 8886) with https://. Ie, SSL-HTTP.

Please be aware that there is an OpenSSL version interoperability problem. Chrome uses a newer openssl-1.x, which will not work with OpenSSL-0.9.8 or older libraries, when compression was compiled in.

WFXP, or rather WebSockets, does not work with AdBlock. You will need to add an exclusion-rules for your FXP.One/WFXP URL.


* FXP.cOne (CDK/ncurses client)


This FXP.One client ships with the FXP.One packages and will be compiled automatically if ./configure can find ncurses and the special version of CDK. Download the CDK library from http://invisible-island.net/cdk/

Until the local site can be added the client, if you wish to create a local site, please use <local> as the setting for host, user and pass.

Status: Beta: Completely Functional, but missing much cosmetics. Knowns bugs exist.


* clomps (console multiple site 'whats new?' query program, with auto-queue support)


This FXP.One client ships with the FXP.One packages and will be compiled automatically. It is a console only application that connects to multiple servers, works out what entries are new since it last ran, and presents a matrix of where files/directories are, and are missing. It can also automatically mirror between sites, in multiple ways, using the pass- and skip- lists. It can setup up sequential mirroring (A->B, then B->C) or concurrent mirroring. (A->B and A->C).

Example configuration file for clomps


An IRC bot auto trader. This client sits on an IRC channel of your choosing, looking for "New Release" triggers to automatically create queues. Makes trading, and keeping sites synchronised ridiculously easy.

Example configure file for clomps-irc


This FXP.One client is a GTK GUI client made on Python by a colleague. This client was never released and was made as a test-case for the UFxp client.

Status: deprecated.


This FXP.One client is a Ultimate++ GUI client. This is an external client and the most complete GUI client at the moment. This is most likely what new users wants to use, unless they are in a console only environment. Please see the UFxp home page for more information.

Status: beta, fully functional.