Error Codes

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Error codes:

15xx - means permanent failure. Re-issuing this command as-is will guaranteed fail again.

14xx - temporary failure. Re-issuing the same command might succeed next time.

 0   - successful status codes.

-1   - Command in progress


 "CODE=1401|MSG=Out of memory.\r\n"
 "CODE=1402|MSG=Queue is not idle.\r\n"


 "CODE=1501|MSG=Required arguments:     \r\n"
 "CODE=1502|MSG=Login incorrect\r\n"
 "CODE=1503|MSG=Secure channel enforced.\r\n"
 "CODE=1504|MSG=Missing required fields.\r\n"
 "CODE=1505|MSG=No such SITEID defined.\r\n"
 "CODE=1506|MSG=No such SID defined.\r\n"
 "CODE=1507|MSG=No active session.\r\n"
 "CODE=1508|MSG=You do not control the SID.\r\n"
 "CODE=1509|MSG=Requires at least a command.\r\n"
 "CODE=1510|MSG=SID already belongs to QID\r\n"
 "CODE=1511|MSG=Invalid argument: \r\n"
 "CODE=1512|MSG=No such QID defined: \r\n"
 "CODE=1513|MSG=SOURCE must be one of NORTH or SOUTH.\r\n"
 "CODE=1514|MSG=Internal Error: \r\n"
 "CODE=1515|MSG=No such FID in current cache: \r\n"
 "CODE=1516|MSG=Queue is not IDLE.\r\n"
 "CODE=1517|MSG=No queue item at position @=%u\r\n"
 "CODE=1518|MSG=SID is in queue, please release SID first.\r\n"