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Toys Kingdom : おもちゃ王国

Large toddler themepark, with "unlimited" supply of Playrail, and Tomicar slide blocks. Fortress, lego, and trike area. Computer and games room, and large area of toddler ball toys, slides etc. Part of the greater Tokyo Dome City area.

Address: 3 Koraku 1-chome, Tokyo Bunkyo-ku, Japan
Phone: 03-5800-9999
Admission Price: 1000円 (1 Adult/1 Child)


Admission Hours: 10.00/09:30 - 18:00/19:00 (week day/end)




Closest Stations:
  • Suidobashi (Chuo-sobu, Mita)
  • Korakuen (Marunouchi, Namboku)
  • Kasuga (Oedo)
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