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This documentation is everything but useful. Why does one have to use upp + theide? It's 95MB of wasted space. I don't care which IDE you use to write and manage your projects, but please provide a for automake or a configure script! The fact that using an IDE is mandatory to compile the app makes it impossible to generate a nice package using a build-script.

If installing upp and theide and following your instructions would get me a working binary I could live with that. I won't be happy, but who cares?

You only need to use theide to compile UFxp, it is not needed after the binary has been compiled. This is why it is in the 'build' area. Not part of the binary downloads.

We used theide has one of very few cross-platform GUI APIs. So that the same source gives Windows, Unix and OSX binary. As it happens, theide/Ultimate++ has not exactly progressed in the last 3 years. WxWidgets is not very nice to work with. There has since then been a couple more corss-platform widgets come out, but I have not had time to look at them. I want to add features to UFxp but hesitate since I don't know if it is worth putting more effort into U++, if we are going to try something different. I don't like working on things that only gives you a product for just one platform myself, but it is very easy to work with FXP.One if you want to make your own client. I would be happy to help.