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llink skins

llink-2.2.0 aqua skin
llink-1.9.9 jukebox skin
llink-2.2.0 clterm skin
llink-2.2.0 nmt skin
llink-2.2.0 kamaishi_skies skin

llink is skinnable. You can change the look and feel of it very easy, even do a completely own skin with unique design, layout and functions.

The limitations currently lie in the NMT Gaya (browser) rendering capability. Gaya only recognizes a limited and downsized amount of html tags and javascript, compared to a normal PC browser such as Firefox.

Normally, changing the skin llink uses implies a small change in the llink.conf file. Open it with a text editor where you will find further instructions and explanations.

For more information on how to change pre-built skins, please read the llink user guide.

The best way to learn how to make you own skins is to look in the skin/ directory within the llink installation directory. Alter the html files and change the pictures to your liking. If you want to share your work, please do!

Default skin

The default llink skin is called Aquarius, or aquarius_720. It lists directories with your media, as set in the llink.conf file media ROOTs. As an extra feature, it displays the current zodiac sign accordingly: aquarius, pisces etc. depending upon the time of year. As the name reveals this skin is optimized for 720p HD displays but scales up fine.

HD vs. SD skins

If you have an older CRT TV which is not marked "HD Ready" you should use an SD skin. As the default skin is in High Definition (720p) it will not render well and display everything llink provides. The default llink package includes two SD skins. There is one Jukebox SD skin called SD_jukebox and a normal list style skin called SD_nmt.
You may also add the ishou_sd skin, created by Deezel. You can get it here or here (Megaupload.com).

Remember to update your llink.conf file, for instance: SKIN|path=./skin/ishou_sd/|PAGE_SIZE=15|SIZE_TYPE=human

Jukebox skins

The jukebox style skins display cover art and information, instead of a directory listing. Apart from the default jukebox skin, surprisingly called jukebox, the kamaishi_skies is also included in the default llink package.

Kamaishi skies differs from Jukebox since it combines the directory list with the jukebox information. It displays movie information (IMBD rating, genre and plot) and cover art for one movie at the time. The skin also supports two visual styles (black and white) that can be matched with random background images.

If you want to use jukebox style skins you need to supply llink with the cover art pictures and xml files that contain the movie information. llink has a basic built in scraper but you can also use the java based imdbit or MyMovies.dk. For further information, please read the user guide.

Other skins

Moon_720 is a basic skin. At present, it is the most convenient skin to use if you are connecting to llink with a browser.

The blackskin720 is an Aquarius clone, but it is less cluttered. The text is yellow on black background, and the font is a little bit bigger than the default skin which makes it easier to read at distance. It also changes background picture randomly.