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OsX llink binaries

Latest binary:

llink-2.3.1-OSX.dmg Intel and x86_64. Experimental new "GUI" launcher.

This version is identical to the version in the App Store. I provide llink is a free tool, but for those who wishes to have a simple way to support or donate, can use the App Store. (Or that is a one click install from the App Store) I am not allowed to mention the free version in my App Store description, I tried.

llink-2.3.0 llink in App Store, as a convenient One-Click install, and easy way to support llink.


Simple guide.

# Double click the .dmg file to open it.
# Drag llink icon to Applications folder.
# Edit llink.app/Contents/Resources/llink.conf to at least set your ROOT directories, if you don't like the defaults.
# Double click llink to start it.

You can also run it as a standard Unix daemon:

Old guide.

Start Terminal
# cd /Applications/llink.app/Contents/Resources     (Assuming you have it in your /Applications folder)
# ./llink

Older binaries:

llink-2.2.4-OsX-UB.dmg Intel, x86_64 and PPC Universal Binary. The latest PPC binary
llink-2.2.3-OsX-UB.dmg Intel, x86_64 and PPC Universal Binary.
llink-2.2.0-OsX-UB-fix.dmg  PPC fixed.