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OpenSolaris Llink Binaries


You can set custom attributes on any mountpoint you wish llink to use, for example:

zfs set net.lundman:sharellink=on zpool1/media

Older versions

llink-2.2.2.Solaris_x86.pkg.gz Fixed user "lundman" problem.


Packaged up for OpenSolaris 11/08 i386 Latest Version.


I hope that I am not stepping on anybody's toes by posting this...


Extract the gzipped package file.

As a privileged user: run pkgadd -d <decompressed file name>

package and config files are installed to /usr/local/...

edit config file in /usr/local/etc/llink/llink.conf

package is configured to run as a seperate user (llink), adjust file permissions or add llink user to appropriate user group.

start the Llink service:


gzip -d ~/Desktop/Llink_2.2.0.gz‎ 
sudo pkgadd -d ~/Desktop/Llink_2.2.0
  Follow the prompts, Will warn you there may be permissions changes to some files,
  and the install scripts will run as setuid 0 (root user), install scripts are to create llink user,
  generate the service config and to remove the service config on package removal.
vi /usr/local/etc/llink/llink.conf
  Adjust to your own preferences (eg, change the ROOT directive)
/usr/bin/chmod -R A+user:llink:rxRac:fd:allow /terra/blu-ray
  set Recursively(-R) acl attributes to llink user, Read(r), Execute(x), Read Attributes(a), Read Extended Attributes(R), Read ACL's(c)
  with  inherited permissions to new files(f) and directories(d) is allowed for /terra/blu-ray.
sudo svcadm enable llink
svcs -xv llink