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   * Experimental transcoding support. MKV -> MPG on PS3 works ok.
   * Sony Bravia TV compatibility
   * undvd changed to use libdvdread-4.2.0.plus and libdvdnav-4.2.0
   * ISO in RAR code optimised considerably.
   * WindowsMediaPlayer12 compatibility support.


   * Fixed missing "i386" (32bit) version in Apple Mac Store
   * Fixed compatibility with AppleTV2 XBMC UPNP Client. 
   * Fixed compatibility with VLC. (Warning, VLC recursively lists on connect)


   * Replaced UPNP/SSDP code with real UPNP implementation. Confirmed PS3 works.
   * Fixed seeking in VLC playback (missing "206" reply on "bytes=0-" header).
   * Added ".watched" to the visited conf define, for YAMJ users.
   * OSX GUI front-end for basic configuration 


   * fixes with UPNP code, make it more compliant.
   * fixes with XML scan
   * more fixes in upnp, xml was incorrect, mime types required.
   * Real RAR path parsing support, for YAMJ coherence.


   * Fixed autotools so that "make install" works, as well as building from separate directory.
   * Add conf IPNAME to the VISITED command
   * Add support to optionally use Visited-DB files based on IP in filename.
   * Changed OPT|SEND_INDEX=index.html so that users can customise the filename.
   * Fixed so index.html can be in root of the first ROOT define.
   * HTTP|BUFFSERSIZE added, required for ipad, or random tweaking.
   * Major: load multiple skins selectable with User-Agent. To handle HD and SD skins.
   * Add AUTH command to conf for specifying IPs which require no PIN
   * Fixed large bug which would clear tvid if extra managed to load a file, and not show some entries.
   * Fixed external subtitles (.srt) for RAR:ed movies on NMT 200-series.


   * visited-db fixes for RAR archives and directories.
   * regression on visited for plain files, also fixed.


   * Created undvd utility to function like unrar for ISO/IMG/VIDEO_TS/DVD and Blurays.
   * Large changes gutting advd out, to replace with undvd.
   * libdvdnav: fixed readdir() code that was broken. Took out verbose debug messages.
   * Fixed auto-expand for ISO images.
   * UPNP fixes to stop C200 crashing when parsing our xml
   * Added Unix-like ~username/ expansion for ROOT path.
   * ROOT|URL added for direct urls.
   * UPNP dir and cgi parsing fixes, for spaces etc.
   * Single-quote was not URL escaped for some reason.


   * Change to use libdvdnav. Should correctly follow streams, and handle ARCcoS DVDs.
   * Display DVD titles instead of VOB files
   * Display and Select Audio track in DVDs. Several hacks available to pick stream, report which is best.
   * SORT would not pass DIRSIZE and GENRE to libdirlist.
   * visited-db now stored on disk, using gdbm.
   * RAR archives in root "/" did not work.
   * UPnP feature added, very basic. See README.upnp and skin/upnp/
   * ADVD would sometimes close the HTTP connection when expanding directory listings
   * VIDEO_TS expand would set process_function, and attempt to re-expand added entries.
   * Changed "file_t" to "lfile_t" due to Solaris name-collision.
   * Opps, last file_t change also changed TVID macro!


   * Added UDF2.50 support to dvdread for BD-5 ISO images. (HD-DVD as well, in theory)
   * Added support to UDF list files (instead of just domain,title DVD lookup)
   * Jukebox page 2 and up incorrectly handled Separator for files.
   * libdvdnav fails to open paths with /VIDEO_TS/. Reverted function from libdvdread.
   * Changed pass=0 to list and cache only. Pass=1+ simply replays cache. No need for lastline etc.
   * Fix history code so parent sets from page and focus correctly.
   * Fix focus setting
   * Add user-set sort-types in conf
   * Add sort-by cgi key, and MACROS to control sorting.
   * Fixed SSDP to also work against xbox360 and Playstation3 (query only, more work needed for actual use)
   * Added option to automatically expand RAR files when listing.    
   * Added option to automatically expand ISO files when listing.
   * Added option to allow sending of index.html file if present in directory
   * New MACROs for current page, tvid-tvid and total pages, total files.
   * Minor changes in extra-info, directory.ext was terminated at .ext


   * Changed from libdvdread-0.9.7 to libdvdnav-4.2.1 for future features
   * Changed libdvdread access to wrap it in an async wrapper (more efficient, cleaner)
   * Added dvd_input RAR support to libdvdread for reading ISO inside RAR archives.
   * Generic menu added [nc]
   * Added working DELETE/DELETE-RECURSIVE menu code.
   * Added working UNRAR menu code.
   * Added working user SCRIPT code, and sample.


   * Accidentally broke dvdread support in 2.1.0


   * Major Windows code changes. IO base replaced.
   * Minor "visited" changes, since files are read in chunks, caching was needed.
   * Minor debug mode HTML comment lost bug fixed. [mikevs]
   * Directories can also use ignore= tag [mikevs]
   * Next/Prev will go to top/end properly. [mikevs]
   * Conditional MACROS if client agent is Syabas [mikevs]
   * Last-line virtual line added for better navigation [mikevs]
   * Playlist feature to use "type=" tag, like type=music. [mikevs]
   * Add 2nd redirect test for RAR files, allow subtitles next to RAR file.(redirection must be on in llink.conf)
   * byte range close file bug found, was closing HTTP socket, not file.
   * New skin "nmt" [mikevs]
   * Clearing PIN should now work
   * Changed Aqua skin to show visited indication with icons over text colour.
   * OsX Application bundle using Platypus


   * Clean up of -h usage display [IronWolve]
   * hide_path() prototype fix, coredump for menus. [erlis]
   * CDATA core fix [kpziegler]
   * "visited" media code started. Colour-code media already played.


   * Start of "Menu" support.
   * parental support. ".Directory" (and "$Directory$" under Windows) are not shown, unless correct PIN is entered.
   * iStar double selector (status unknown)
   * "." core dump fixed.
   * "." and ".." removal for sub-directories
   * SSDP bindif support was not correct, again, really fixed.
   * Manual SSDP Query support
   * Somewhere along early 2.0.8 versions libdvdread support broke, fixed.
   * Added "VIDEO_TS" folders to libdvdread. (For merge support)
   * (lion timers bug fix for manual SSDP) 


   * 32 bit lseek fix, would manifest as unable to seek/ff in large files. [dburckh]
   * libdvdread, should read .iso and .img files. (display .IFO/.VOB file to play)
   * SSDP announce to use bindif, if so specified [P.K.Lee]
   * Added -L option to work around LinkTheater bug