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Known issues

These limitations apply for llink 2.2.0, and some suggested workarounds. Earlier versions of llink might have more/other limitations.

Special character combinations in directory and file names

Valid from llink 2.0.3 the character combination "&d=" or "&f=" will pass on to unrar and cause problems when trying to play, but ampersands and equal signs can be used in file and directory names. In previous versions you will not be able to play movies with the ampersand (&) or the equals sign (=) characters in the directory- or file name. Note: If no RAR support is needed, it's possible to make a workaround for it.

ISO limitations

Playing ISO has currently two limitations, valid for llink 2.2.0

1. Does not autoplay ISO
You must select the individual VOB inside the ISO to play the movie, it will not start automatically when pressing Play or Enter on the ISO file. Note: ISO can be set to autoexpand and show .vob's to decrease the number of clicks needed to play.

2. Does not handle the DVD menu and options
It is not possible to change the default audio track or embedded subtitles or other features selected in the DVD menu. However it is possible to use external subs, using the redirect function (found in the llink.conf) by using the same name as the VOB-file.
Example: TS_VIDEO_01.VOB gives TS_VIDEO_01.srt.

llink-NMT network connections

Due to a limitation in the NMT device it will only open one of the connections at startup, not all. Browse to the share via the NMT GUI first, then open llink if you need to browse another share than the NMT default. You can make a workaround for this by mounting shares on the NMT in a script.

DVD playback limitations

While it is possible to attach a USB DVD disc drive to the NMT and play from a shared DVD drive on a PC/Mac/server, playback has limitations:

  • Seeking can only use GoTo percentages; e.g. press 1 on the remote for 10%, 2 for 20% etc.
  • No change of audiotracks and
  • Time seek, fast forward and rewind do not work

In theory, as llink changed to use libdvdnav with 2.2.2, these limitations are now obsolete