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  • Q: I can't connect to the engine?
  • Q: FXP.cone just says "Connection closed" when I try the default login?
  • Q: What does "Server SSL AUTH disabled (no certificate)." mean?
  • A: When FXP.One engine is started and the config/user/sites files do not exists, it creates the settings file, and users file. The users file is populated with the one login (admin/admin). The settings file is populated with the default restrictions. In this case,

This means only SSL connections to the FXP.One engine is allowed. The message that you do not have a SSL certificate also means that it is incapable of upgrading to SSL. This is one of the most ingenius code restrictions I have done to date. (right, so I really should fix this...)

The best idea is to give it a certificate, just self-sign one like:

openssl req -new -x509 -days 365 -nodes -out lion.pem -keyout lion.pem

Or, if you just want to disable SSL, you can edit ".FXP.One.settings" and set:


Or, with FXP.One engine V1.1 and up, you can start the engine with the argument

FXP.Oned -s

You only need a certificate to accept incoming SSL connections. FXP.cOne GUI (or other GUIs) does not need a certificate to connect to the engine with SSL.

Recommended SITEs

Recommended sample site for most normal situations would be:


This will ensure .sfv is moved first, then sample directory and its contents, finally the actual contents queued.