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If you are using USB storage and would really prefer to stick with NTFS, but at the same time would prefer it to be mounted read/write, then this is for you. This adds the FUSE layer, and NTFS-3G program to remount any NTFS file-systems that it can find as NTFS-3G read/write.

Or rather, it swaps.

1st run:  NTFS    -> NTFS-3G
2nd run:  NTFS-3G -> NTFS
3rd run:  NTFS    -> NTFS-3G

Just with Windows, you must cleanly unmount the device, before you unplug it. So with Dune, please make sure the attached storage is of type NTFS before you unplug it.

You can push "Info" button on your attached storage. If it says NTFS, it is read-only, and you can unplug it. If it reads FUSE, please run the service file again before you unplug the device.

You run this at your own risk, if you lose any data, you can not complain to me, and definitely not to HDi / Dune

Having said that, even when devices are unmounted uncleanly, generally you can run Check-Disk in Windows to fix it.

 dune_service_lundman_ntfs3g-1.0.0.dsf ntfs-3g 2009/4/4

Download file, place it somewhere you can reach from Dune player, and push Enter on the remote to run it.

The program will also attempt to add the device to Samba, so that remote shares can access the device in read/write mode. At least, that is the theory.

Please report back, and please, if you like this, consider donating to ensure future enthusiasm from me :)