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The general idea is to put some stuff about the Audio-hardware of the Dune BD Prime here:


The audio section of the BD Prime is relatively simple. 4 parallel stereo DACs make up the audio from signals passed from the main board.


Signals to DAC-board

Signals fed from the Main Board

And the Audio DAC-board itself

General layout

To my best guess its the Cirrus Logic CS4344C DAC and AZ4580 operational amplifier on this picture

CS4344C and NJM4580M

Cirrus Logic website

CS4344/45/46/48 Product Data Sheet (pdf)

BCD Semiconductors Operational Amplifiers

BCD Semiconductors search page, AZ4580

AZ4580 Monolithic dual low noise operational amplifier(pdf)


RMAA, other audio measurements?

All found so far is a review done by stereo.ru Jan 2010. Page 3/3 in the pdf indicates some graphs of performance. A copy can be downloaded from dune-hd.com.

Review of Dune BD Prime 3.0 by stereo.ru Jan 2010 (pdf)

Hardware Modifications

Can the current hardware be modified to improve performance

Can a replacement be fitted to create a real high end solution? There is a possibility that the Buffalo II will be able to slot right in without any problems.

http://www.twistedpearaudio.com/digital/buffalo.aspx Buffalo II is a semi-DIY kit. It is quite expensive but should deliver insane performance.

--Gaston 00:44, 6 February 2010 (JST)