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This section is devoted to different ways of encoding or decoding service files for the HDi players:


Sometimes it may be of interest to decode a service file distributed or make your own little script to clean up things. I found this snippet of code at MPC Club and it was written by Accident 2009 (I think) ScottJ97's thread on MPC Club

The Code

This is an extract from pastebin that most likely will die in the future. link

 * dsf_pack: HDi Dune Media Player service file packer.
 * Accident 2009: Epoch, encode small files, needs extra work for
 *                encodes over one page (I think) Never tried it.
 * This is woefully incomplete. But it was enough for my requirements.
 * For example: create a file with:
 * #!/bin/sh
 * /usr/sbin/telnetd &
 * exit 0
 * Then pack it up. Note that the file must be named
 * "dune_service_XXXX.dsf" for it to be recognised.
 * When the Dune runs it, it copies it to /tmp, gunzips it as
 * /tmp/service and runs it.

--Gaston 17:07, 19 January 2011 (JST)