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Single process, non-blocking FTPD with internal user database, no need to clutter the system's passwords file.

SRP support has been deprecated, use SSL instead. (Technically, SRP is still around, just not enabled). SafeTP support has been deprecated, use SSL instead. (Technically, SafeTP is still around, just not enabled).

There is a development forum at Forum


   * Single process FTPD (technically 3 processes)
   * Can run without root (but runs better with)
   * Full archive testing (zip, rar, sfv, dms, ace etc..)
   * Both hard and soft chroot support
   * Bandwidth capping (per session, per user or per entire site )
   * User ratio system, with daily, time and credits systems.
   * User settable privilege levels
   * User settable limits, for logins, download and upload sessions.
   * Max login users
   * SITE message support
   * SITE WALL support
   * (Deprecated) Full SRP encryption support. For info on SRP, see http://srp.stanford.edu/
   * (Deprecated) Integrated with SAFETP-encryption scheme for IDENTd relay, see http://safetp.cs.berkeley.edu
   * (Deprecated) Bounce and traffic relay support - with shadowftpd over multiple, load balanced paths.
   * FULL logging capabilities
   * Tested on most Unix systems (irix, *BSD, Linux, Solaris, HPUX, OSF1),Win32, Amiga, OsX)
   * Anonymous login support
   * Guest account feature (look only, or, upload only)
   * Full anonymity possible
   * Full DUPE checking database (dbm, ndbm, db_open and gdbm systems supported).
   * Group's private directory feature
   * Scriptable sitecust commands
   * Irc bot announce feature
   * Full IP pattern checking, including ident.
   * RFC-959 compliance plus loads of SITE commands.
   * Full remote administration features
   * Smart paths feature
   * Internal "ls" feature with extra info (megs and files in subdir, num downloads)
   * and NOW IN COLOUR!
   * Uses LiON library