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Holiday plans 2008

2008/09/05 Friday

Leave Ueno (上野) on Cassiopeia 16:00. 1 2

Saturday 6th

Arrive Sapporo (札幌) at 09:30.

Sapporo beer museum http://www.sapporobeer.jp/english/guide/sapporo/

Horse carriage tour http://horobasha.com/

http://www.satoland.com/index.html - big park, sl train-bus, looks a bit like showa kinen style.

Mt Moira Ropeway 藻岩山ロープウェイ http://www.sapporo-dc.co.jp/eng/moiwa/index.html Hours 10:00-21:00 between Apr. 14 and Nov. 9 Access 7-minute walk from "Ropeway iriguchi" Streetcar Stop Inquiries Tel 011-561-8177 Seems to be affiliated with/near Kidland http://www.sapporo-dc.co.jp/eng/kidland/index.html 15minutes from Maruyama Koen Subway Station, Exit No.3

Kiroro resort - near Otaru (west of sapporo), has bouncy castles, archery and papercraft museum(!!), also has flash looking hotel within the resort

Kids cafe in Sapporo http://cafe.happy-mama.com/index.html Saturday hours 11am-8pm, last orders 7.30pm

Duties: Book hotel hotel options http://www.sapporo-korakuen.co.jp/index_en.htm

Sunday 7th

Pick up rental car, drive to Wakkanai (稚内) by coastal road. http://www.scenicbyway.jp/english/index_e.html


Reindeer world http://www.town.horonobe.hokkaido.jp/web2/pd_cont.nsf/eb3ad322058bb29749256c9b00100d2f/90bdbc842b0d8dd149257037002487e6?OpenDocument Aquarium in Wakkanai http://www.city.wakkanai.hokkaido.jp/sisetu/suizokukan/

Lodge booked: http://www.pref.hokkaido.jp/kensetu/kn-wakdg/kouenhp/fureaikoenn.html A lodge E, kids indoor play area open 8am-9m, outdoor play area open until 5pm Roughly 20 minutes drive from Wakkanai, cost around 10,000yen

Car booking number: M00739, Pickup Sapporo station North exit, 09:00

Monday 8th

Drive south, by central mountain road, stop somewhere in the middle.

Things to do: Central Zoo in Asahikawa

Things to do: On way back down - jiggerworld! http://map.yahoo.co.jp/pl?lat=44.51990472&lon=142.5979131&sc=5

Greenland amusement park http://www.h-greenland.com/access/

Duties: Pick place to stay, book hotel, preferably closer to Sapporo Asahikawa area http://www.asahikawa-daisetsu.info/e/index.html

Tuesday 9th

Drive further south to Hakodate (函館), return car.

Just south of Sapporo is flower park http://www.takinopark.com/11_FOREIGN/index_e.html

Route 230 near lake has home-made ice-cream http://www.lake-hill.com/

Things to do: Hakodate - big ropeway youtube 2

SL train does a short jaunt south Hokkaido but off-season

Drop off car 6pm at Hakodate station

Duties: Book hotel. Halfway between station and ropeway [1]

Wednesday 10th

Take tunnel tour from Hakodate (函館) at 10:40, tunnel, ropeway and museum for 2 hours, and finishes in Aomori (青森).

tunnel museum station [2] [3]

Things to do in Aomori: ???

Wakuwaku park: [4] [5]

Duties: book tunnel tour, book Hotel

hotel option http://www.agh.co.jp/room/index.html

Thursday 11th

Travel to Tokyo (東京) by Shinkansen (新幹線).

Duties: Book Shinkansen tickets.

Aomori to Hachinohe is 57mins. For example:

09:46 - 10:45 (JR特急つがる12号) [6]

Shinkansen leaves Hachinohe 12:54 (Hayate 16) [7]


2008 Holiday Map